Descendants of Alexander Henry Vester, their families and ancestors

William THRAILKILL [Parents] was born on 3 SEP 1806. He died about 1858 in Sacramento, California. He married Martha ISH.

Martha ISH [Parents] was born in 1817 in Saline County, Missouri. She married William THRAILKILL.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Elizabeth THRAILKILL

William T. FAULCONER was born in 1820 in , Kentucky, Usa. He married Elizabeth WHITENACK on 13 DEC 1849 in Johnson Co., Indiana.

Elizabeth WHITENACK [Parents] was born on 20 FEB 1834 in Mercer Co., Kentucky. She married William T. FAULCONER on 13 DEC 1849 in Johnson Co., Indiana.

They had the following children:

  F i Pocahantas FAULCONER
  M ii Douglas FAULCONER was born in 1856 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M iii Arthur FAULCONER was born in 1858 in , Indiana, Usa.
  F iv Huldah FAULCONER was born in 1864 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M v Jackson FAULCONER was born in 1866 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M vi William FAULCONER was born in 1867 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M vii Oscar FAULCONER was born in 1869 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M viii Leander FAULCONER was born in 1872 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M ix Albert FAULCONER was born in 1874 in , Indiana, Usa.
  M x Richard FAULCONER was born in 1876 in , Indiana, Usa.

James THRAILKILL [Parents] was born on 25 APR 1776 in , of Tn. He married Susanna HAM about 1805 in , Tennessee, Usa.

Susanna HAM was born about 1784 in , of Tn. She married James THRAILKILL about 1805 in , Tennessee, Usa.

They had the following children:

  M i William THRAILKILL
  M ii Wm. THRAILKILL was born about 1806 in , of Tn.
  M iii John THRAILKILL was born about 1807 in , of Tn.
  F iv Mary Jane THRAILKILL was born about 1808 in , of Tn.
  F v Catherine THRAILKILL was born about 1810 in , of Tn.
  F vii Eliza THRAILKILL was born about 1814 in , of Tn.
  M viii James THRAILKILL was born about 1816 in , of Tn.
  M ix Andrew L. THRAILKILL was born about 1818 in , of Tn.
  M x Joseph T. THRAILKILL was born about 1820 in , of Tn.
  F xi Jesse Anne THRAILKILL was born about 1821 in , of Tn.
  F xii Suzannah THRAILKILL was born about 1822 in , of Tn.
  M xiii Washington THRAILKILL was born about 1822 in , of Tn.
  F xiv Missouri Ann THRAILKILL was born about 1823 in , of Missouri.
  F xv Lucinda May THRAILKILL was born about 1824 in , of Missouri.
  M xvi George W. THRAILKILL was born about 1825 in , of Missouri.

Jacob ISH was born about 1791.

He had the following children:

  F i Martha ISH

Peter WHITENACK was born about 1808. He married Elvira HARRIS.

Elvira HARRIS was born about 1812. She married Peter WHITENACK.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth WHITENACK

Raymond Eugene VESTER [Parents]

Other marriages:
WENRICK, Jeanna Marie

Laurie Ann WASSON

Other marriages:

John Frederick MILLER.John married Anna Marion FRAZIER.

Anna Marion FRAZIER.Anna married John Frederick MILLER.

They had the following children:

  M i Hillary Frazer MILLER

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