Descendants of Alexander Henry Vester, their families and ancestors

James L. BRINN was born 1 about 1848. He married 2 Ann Eliza EWERS on 22 OCT 1868.

Ann Eliza EWERS [Parents] was born 1 on 25 DEC 1849. She married 2 James L. BRINN on 22 OCT 1868.

Thom CAHAGEN was born about 1821. He married Nancy MCCARTY after 1852.

Nancy MCCARTY [Parents] was born about 1826. She married Thom CAHAGEN after 1852.

Other marriages:

Edwin BEALL was born about 1841. He married Amanda TAVENNER on 8 SEP 1868.

Amanda TAVENNER [Parents] was born in 1845 in , Loudoun Co., Virginia, Usa. She died on 6 SEP 1901. She married Edwin BEALL on 8 SEP 1868.

Stewart BEVANS was born about 1866. He married TAVENNER about 1891.

TAVENNER [Parents] was born about 1870. She married Stewart BEVANS about 1891.

John I. Wm. OTLEY was born about 1836. He married Mariah TAVENNER on 19 DEC 1865.

Mariah TAVENNER [Parents] was born on 18 NOV 1839 in , Loudoun Co., Virginia, Usa. She died in 1868. She married John I. Wm. OTLEY on 19 DEC 1865.

Jonah Winfield PEUGH [Parents] was born 1 on 23 JUN 1851. He married Abie Laurett CHILDS on 14 OCT 1914.

Other marriages:

Abie Laurett CHILDS was born about 1860. She married Jonah Winfield PEUGH on 14 OCT 1914.

Dwight G. JONES was born 1 about 1883 in Ohio. He married LuLu M. TAVENNER about 1910.

LuLu M. TAVENNER [Parents] was born 1 about 1882. She married Dwight G. JONES about 1910.

Joseph H THOMPSON [Parents] was born about 1842. He married Addie PINKERTON about 1867.

Addie PINKERTON was born about 1846. She married Joseph H THOMPSON about 1867.

They had the following children:

  F i Nellie THOMPSON
  F ii Alice THOMPSON
  F iii Grace THOMPSON was born about 1872. She died in 1915.

Charles E THOMPSON [Parents] was born about 1846. He married Clara SMITH about 1871.

Clara SMITH was born about 1850. She married Charles E THOMPSON about 1871.

They had the following children:

  U i Ira THOMPSON was born about 1872.

Joseph MCCARTY [Parents] was born about 1825. He married Mary LOCKEMOD about 1850.

Mary LOCKEMOD was born about 1829. She married Joseph MCCARTY about 1850.

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